Using Verilog-A with SIMetrix Schematics

SIMetrix has a simple feature that will create a schematic symbol for use with a Verilog-A definition. The feature invokes the Verilog-A compiler using an option that tells it just to execute the first part of the compilation process. This allows the script to learn some information about the Verilog-A file such as module and port names. The script will ask you where you wish each pin to be located and after that will create a symbol and place it on the schematic. The symbol will be decorated with all necessary properties to interface the Verilog-A model to the simulator.

To use the script, create a Verilog-A definition, then execute the schematic menu Verilog-A > Construct Verilog-A Symbol. Navigate to the Verilog-A file (extension .va) then close. Select pin locations as requested. Image of symbol will appear for placement.

The symbol can be found for future use using Place > From Symbol Library then navigate to "Auto Created Symbols -> Verilog-A Symbols".