Command Summary

The following table lists all commands available.

Command Name Description
Abort Command Aborts the current simulation
AbortSIMPLIS Command Sends a signal to the SIMPLIS simulator instructing it to abort
About Command Displays the about box
AddAnnotationText Command Adds text to an annotation
AddArc Command Symbol Definition Command. Create whole circles and ellipses as well as arcs of circles and ellipses
AddCirc Command Symbol Definition Command. Creates a circle.
AddCurveMarker Command Adds a curve marker to the currently selected graph sheet
AddDoubleClickAction Command Applies a double click action to the selected elements
AddFileViewMenuItem Command Adds a FileView menu item
AddFloodFill Command Symbol Definition Command. Adds a flood filled region to a symbol
AddFreeText Command Adds a free text item to the currently selected graph sheet
AddGlobalStyle Command Adds an additional global style.
AddImage Command Adds an image to the current schematic
AddImageScript Command Symbol Definition Command. Adds an image.
AddLegend Command Adds a legend box to the currently selected graph
AddLegendProp Command For compatibility with older versions. Creates a literal measurement object
AddPin Command Symbol Definition Command. Adds a pin to a symbol
AddProp Command Symbol Definition Command. Adds a property to a symbol definition
AddProperty Command Adds a property to the selected schematic elements
AddSeg Command Symbol Definition Command. Adds a line segment to a symbol
AddSymbolProperty Command Adds a property to the symbol currently open in the symbol editor
AddTextBox Command Adds a Text Box to the currently selected graph
AddTitleBlock Command Adds a title block to a schematic
AlignText Command Aligns the text of a text annotation
Anno Command Annotate schematic with unique component references
AppendGroup Command Appends a data group with another group
AppendTextWindow Command Inserts text into the schematic editor's simulator command window (F11 Window)
Arguments Command Declares arguments for a script.
Cancel Command Cancel schematic interactive command
CaptureWaveformImage Command Write graph image to file in PNG format
Cd Command Change current working directory
ChangeArcAttributes Command Modify symbol arc attributes
ChangeSelectedStyleNames Command Changes the styles of the selected elements
ChangeStyle Command Changes the style of the selected elements
ChangeSymbolProperty Command Modify property value/attributes in symbol editor
ClearMessageWindow Command Clears the command shell message window
Close Command Closes either the selected schematic or graph
CloseGraphSheet Command Closes the current graph sheet
CloseLinkedRun Command Close a linked simulation run.
ClosePrinter Command Conclude print job
CloseSchem Command Closes the current schematic
CloseSheet Command Closes the currently selected schematic or symbol editor tabbed sheet
CloseSimplisStatusBox Command Closes the SIMPLIS simulation status box.
CloseTextEditor Command Closes the current text editor
CollectGarbage Command Deletes temporary vectors
CombineMenu Command Combines several menus into a separate menu
CompareSymbolLibs Command Compares two symbol libraries
CompressXML Command Compresses an XML file
ConvertBinaryGraph Command Converts a graph binary file to XML format
Copy Command Copy selected schematic components then paste (Interactive)
CopyClipGraph Command Copy graph to clipboard to paste to other applications
CopyClipSchem Command Copy schematic to clipboard to paste to other applications
CopyFile Command Copy a file
CopyLocalSymbol Command Copy local symbol to global library
CreateFont Command Create a named font object
CreateGroup Command Creates a data group
CreateRunningDialog Command Creates a dialog for displaying progress whilst a script is running
CreateSym Command Symbol definition: Start definition
CreateToolBar Command Creates a new empty toolbar
CreateToolButton Command Creates or redefines a tool bar button
CursorMode Command Enable/disable/step graph cursors
Curve Command Create new curve in existing graph
CurveEditCopy Command Copy specified curves to the internal clipboard
DecompressXML Command Decompresses an XML file
DefButton Command Defines the command executed when a button is pressed
DefineToolBar Command Defines the action for a schematic button
DefKey Command Define keyboard key
DefMenu Command Define fixed or popup menu item
Del Command Delete file
DelCrv Command Delete curve
Delete Command Delete selected schematic items
DeleteAxis Command Delete specified axis.
DeleteGlobalStyle Command Delete a global style.
DeleteGraphAnno Command Delete graph annotation object
DeleteGraphObject Command Delete graph object
DeleteShortWires Command Deletes wires directly across two terminal instances
DeleteSymbolProperty Command Delete property in symbol editor
DeleteToolBar Command Delete a toolbar
DelGroup Command Delete group (of simulation data)
DelLegendProp Command Delete a graph measurement object defined by its curve and label
DelMenu Command Deletes specified menu item, or submenu.
DelProp Command Delete schematic instance property
DelSym Command Delete symbol definition
DestroyRunningDialog Command Destroys a process running dialog
Detach Command Detach selected wires. (Disables rubberbanding)
Discard Command Free up memory used by vectors
Display Command Display variables in current group
DrawArc Command Initiate arc drawing mode in symbol editor
DrawArrow Command Draws an arrow in the schematic editor
DrawPin Command Initiate pin placement mode in symbol editor
Echo Command Display text in message window or write text to file
EditColour Command Edit a colour
EditCopy Command Copy selected schematic items to clipboard for pasting to other schematics or other applications.
EditCut Command Deletes selected components and places them in the clipboard
EditFile Command Opens a text file in the text editor.
EditFont Command Edit a font
EditGroupTitle Command Edit a group's title
EditPaste Command Paste clipboard data to schematic. (Interactive)
EditPin Command Edit a pin name of a symbol in the currently installed symbol library
EndAllInteractions Command Cancels all interactions occuring in all editors
EndSym Command Symbol definition: terminate definition
Execute Command Execute script
ExecuteMenu Command Executes the menu with given identifier
FileViewCleanUpFileWatchers Command Removes unnecessary file watchers
FloodFillSymbol Command Flood fills a symbol
Focus Command Focus on a window
FocusCommandShell Command Selects the Command Shell and assigns it keyboard focus
FocusShell Command Selects the Command Shell and assigns it keyboard focus
GroupSelected Command Groups all selected schematic elements
Help Command Display help system
HideCurve Command Hides specified curve.
HighlightCurve Command Highlights the selected curve
HighlightWidget Command Highlights a particular content view
Hint Command Display a hint to the user
HourGlass Command Displays the hourglass cursor shape indicating that some action is in progress
ImportSymbol Command Import symbol to symbol editor
Inst Command Place component on schematic. (Interactive unless
KeepGroup Command Prevent group (simulation data) from being automatically deleted.
Let Command Evaluate expression
Listing Command Display or write to file current netlist.
ListModels Command Create dictionary of currently installed models
ListOptions Command List all global options to file
LoadModelIndex Command Reload model library indexes into memory
LoadSimulatorStyleSheet Command Applies a style sheet to simulator GUI elements.
LoadStyleSheet Command Applies a style sheet to the whole application.
LocalDeclAll Command Declare all variables in a script to be local.
MakeAlias Command Make alias variable
MakeCatalog Command Makes OUT.CAT file for use by parts browser
MakeSymbolScript Command Build script for symbol(s)
MakeTree Command Creates the specified directory path
MCD Command Make and change current working directory
MD Command Make directory
Message Command Display message in schematic status window
MessageBox Command Displays message box
Move Command Move selected schematic items (Interactive)
MoveCurve Command Move specified curve, histogram or scatter plot to new axis
MoveFile Command Moves a file to a new location
MoveMenu Command Moves the position of a menu item by a specified count
MoveProperty Command Move a property on a schematic instance
Netlist Command Create netlist of current schematic
NewAnnotation Command Interactive placement of a new annotation
NewAxis Command Create new y-axis
NewBasicTextEditor Command Create a new plain text document
NewFileView Command Creates a new File View
NewGraphWindow Command Open new graph window
NewGrid Command Create new graph grid
NewLabel Command Adds a new unplaced text label to a schematic
NewLogicDefinitionEditor Command Create a new plain text document
NewNetlist Command Create a new plain text document
NewPartSelector Command Creates a new Part Selector
NewPlot Command Plots a curve. Uses existing graph sheet if one is available. Otherwise creates a new graph sheet.
NewPrinterPage Command Start new page in print job
NewSchem Command Open new schematic window.
NewScript Command Create a new plain text document
NewStyle Command Creates a new style
NewSymbol Command Opens a new symbol editor view
NewVerilogA Command Create a Verilog A editor
NewVerilogHDL Command Create a Verilog HDL editor
NoPaint Command Disable graph painting for duration of current script
NoUndo Command Inhibits saving to undo buffer
OpenAsciiFile Command Opens a schematic ASCII file in the text editor.
OpenBasicTextEditor Command Opens a text file in the text editor.
OpenDirectory Command Opens the directory given
OpenExternalFile Command Opens the file in the operating system default
OpenGraph Command a SIMetrix graph file
OpenGroup Command Create new group (of simulation data) from data file.
OpenLinkedRun Command Open a linked simulation run.
OpenLogicDefinitionEditor Command Opens a logic definition file in the text editor.
OpenNetlist Command Opens a SPICE netlist or model file in the text editor.
OpenPrinter Command Begin print job
OpenRawFile Command Opens a SPICE 3 format ASCII raw file.
OpenSchem Command Open existing schematic
OpenScript Command Opens a script source file in the text editor.
OpenSimplisStatusBox Command Opens the SIMPLIS simulation status box.
OpenVerilogA Command Opens a Verilog-A source file in the text editor.
OpenVerilogHDL Command Opens a Verilog-HDL source file in the text editor.
OpenWebPage Command Opens a web page in the system default browser
OptimiserCreate Command Creates an optimiser widget (GUI) from an XML definition file
OptimiserRequestFinish Command Requests that current optimisation analysis is terminated
OptionsDialog Command Open options dialog box
Pan Command Pan (scroll) schematic specified number of grid squares
PasteGraphImageToSchematic Command Copies a picture of the graph to a schematic.
Pause Command Pause current simulation
PlaceCursor Command Position graph cursor
Plot Command Create new graph window and plot curve
PreProcessNetlist Command Pre-processes a netlist. Intended for use with SIMPLIS but is general purpose in nature
PrintGraph Command Print graph. (Interactive)
PrintSchematic Command Print current schematic in non-interactive print job
Probe Command Change schematic cursor to probe and wait for mouse click. (Interactive)
Prop Command Change/add property of/to schematic instance
Protect Command Protect selected schematic components
Quit Command Exit SIMetrix
RD Command Remove directory
ReadLogicCompatibility Command Read logic compatibility tables
RebuildSymbols Command Reload symbols from library file
Redirect Command Redirect messages to message window to file
RedirectMessages Command Redirects all command shell messages to a file
Redo Command Reverses the most recent undo operation.
RedrawGraph Command Redraws the chosen graph
RegisterUserFunction Command Register a user defined function
RenameLibs Command Run rename model utility
RenameMenu Command Renames a menu item
RepeatLastMenu Command Executes most recently selected the menu
ReplayTraces Command Re-builds graph curves created by fixed probe definitions
Reset Command Release memory used for simulation
ResizeWindow Command Resizes the current window
RestartTran Command Restart a transient analysis
RestoreCommandShell Command Re-opens the command shell if closed
RestoreDefaultStyles Command Restores default styles
Resume Command Resumes a previously paused simulation.
RotInst Command Rotate component or block
Run Command Runs a simulation on specified netlist.
RunAsync Command Spawns a new simulator process and runs specified netlist.
RunCurrentScript Command Runs the script currently open in the text editor.
RunSIMPLIS Command Runs the SIMPLIS simulator
Save Command Save selected schematic
SaveAs Command Saves the currently selected schematic
SaveGraph Command Saves the currently selected graph to an XML file
SaveGroup Command Saves the current data group
SaveRhs Command Create nodeset file to speed DC convergence
SaveSnapShot Command Saves the current state of a transient analysis to a snapshot file
SaveSymbol Command Save a symbol to a library or as a component
SaveSymlib Command Writes the entire global symbol library or a specified installed symbol library file to a specified file
SaveTextEditor Command Saves current text editor
SaveTextEditorAs Command Saves the current text editor to a specific file
SchematicEnableFileWatcher Command Enables the file watcher on the schematic
SchematicFileWatcherIgnoreChanges Command Disables the file watcher on a schematic editor
SchematicFileWatcherWatchChanges Command Enables the file watcher on a schematic editor
ScreenShotWindow Command Captures a screen shot of the current window
ScriptAbort Command Abort currently executing script
ScriptPause Command Pause currently executing script
ScriptResume Command Resume paused script
ScriptStep Command Single step script
Select Command Select schematic items (Interactive)
SelectCurve Command Select specified curve
SelectGraph Command Switches the graph tabbed sheet
SelectLegends Command Selects or unselects all graph window legends
SelectSchematic Command Focuses on the specified schematic
SelectSimulator Command Selects current simulator for selected schematic
SelectSymbolPin Command Selects the symbol pin with given name
SelectWireConnected Command Selects all wires connected to the currently selected elements
Set Command Set option
SetAnnotationTextPosition Command Sets the position of text within a shape based annotation
SetCurveName Command Change curve name
SetDefaultEncoding Command Sets the default encoding for reading text files when detected as not UTF-8.
SetDisable Command Disables or re-enables schematic instances
SetGraphAnnoProperty Command Change a graph object property value
SetGroup Command Change current group
SetHighlight Command Highlights or unhighlights schematic objects
SetOrigin Command Set origin of symbol in symbol editor
SetPinPrefix Command Sets the prefix for the selected pin property
SetPinSuffix Command Sets the suffix for the selected pin property
SetReadOnly Command Sets a vector to be read-only
SetRef Command Change/attach reference to variable
SetSnapGrid Command Sets schematic snap grid
SetStyleColour Command Sets the style with the specified colour
SetSymbolFillStyle Command Applies a fill style to a symbol
SetSymbolOriginVisibility Command Controls the visibility of the origin marker in the symbol editor
SetUnits Command Change physical units of variable
Shell Command Execute external application or system command
ShellOld Command Execute external application or system command
Show Command Display or write to file specified variable
ShowCurve Command Show hidden curve
ShowSimulatorWindow Command Display simulator status box
SizeGraph Command Zoom or scroll graph
SwitchModelSection Command Temporarily switch model library selection
TemplateEditProperty Command Template script command. Edits the property of a schematic instance
TemplateSetValue Command Template script command. Sets the template value
TextEditorCommentLines Command Comments highlighted lines in the selected text editor
TextEditorFileWatcherIgnoreChanges Command Disables file watcher for current text editor
TextEditorFileWatcherWatchChanges Command Enables file watcher for current text editor
TextEditorFind Command Displays the find pop-up window for the selected text editor
TextEditorFindNext Command Triggers a find next event on the current text editor
TextEditorGoToLine Command Moves the cursor to the given line in the text editor
TextEditorUncommentLines Command Uncomments highlighted lines in the selected text editor
TextWin Command Show/hide/toggle schematic text window
Title Command Change title of graph or schematic
TitleSchem Command Sets the title of the current schematic
Trace Command Define trace (live graphing during simulation)
Undo Command Undo schematic operation
UndoGraphZoom Command Restore previous graph view area
UngroupSelected Command Ungroups selected schematic elements
UnHighlightCurves Command Unhighlights all curves.
UnLet Command Delete variable
Unprotect Command Unprotect and select all protected schematic instances
Unselect Command Unselect all schematic instances
UnSet Command Delete option
Unzip Command Unzips a zip archive.
UpdateAllSymbols Command Conditionally updates all symbols in open schematics
UpdateAnnotationText Command Updates the text within the selected annotation
UpdateDefaultStyle Command Updates the default global style.
UpdateGlobalStyle Command Updates an existing global style.
UpdateGraphColours Command Updates colours in all graph sheets
UpdateProperties Command Restores properties on specified schematic instances to symbol defaults
UpdateRunningDialog Command Updates a process running dialog by one step
UpdateStyleInfo Command Updates the style information
UpdateSymbol Command Updates specified symbol on selected schematic
UpdateSystemStyleInfo Command Updates the style information at the system level
UpdateTitleBlock Command Updates the content of a title block
UseGlobalStyles Command Instruct current schematic to use global styles
ViewFile Command View file in read-only mode
WebOpen Command Opens a web page with the given url
Wire Command Start/continue schematic wire. (Interactive unless /loc specified)
WireMode Command Enter/exit schematic wiring mode
WM_CloseAllSystemWidgets Command Closes all System Views in current window.
WM_CloseNonPrimaryWindows Command Closes all windows except the main window
WM_CloseSheet Command Closes most recently accessed content window
WM_ProgressWindowClose Command Closes the specified progress window
WM_ProgressWindowCloseAll Command Forces all progress windows to be closed
WM_ProgressWindowCreate Command Creates a progress window
WM_ProgressWindowReport Command Increments the progress bar and allows status message to be updated
WM_RevertToSaved Command Reverts a widget back to its last saved state.
WM_Undock Command Undocks a content widget from its window.
WriteImportedModels Command Write referenced models of netlist to specified file
XMLAddAttribute Command Adds an attribute to the XML at the current location
XMLAddElement Command Adds an element to the XML at the current location
XMLClose Command Closes the XML reference
XMLGoUpLevel Command Moves the current focus element up to its parent
XMLNew Command Creates a new XML reference object
XMLOpenElement Command Opens the XML element and sets it as the current focus level
XMLOpenFile Command Opens an XML document from a file creating a new XML reference object
XMLSaveFile Command Writes an XML document to a file.
Zip Command Zips a file or a directory of files
Zoom Command Zoom selected schematic