The HiSim HV model is available with the Elite versions of SIMetrix.

The HiSim HV MOSFET model is model designed for integrated circuit design and is used in many PDKs from IC foundries. The HiSim HV model was developed by the University of Hiroshima.

Documentation for the model may be found at the SIMetrix web site. See Further Documentation

In this topic:

Netlist Entry

Mxxx drain gate source bulk [ substrate [ temperature ]]
modelname instance_parameters

NMOS Model Syntax

.model modelname NMOS ( LEVEL=level VERSION=version parameters )

PMOS Model Syntax

.model modelname PMOS ( LEVEL=level VERSION=version parameters )

See notes below for values of level and version.


Five versions of the HiSim HV model are available:
Version Parameters to access
1.2.1 LEVEL=62
2.1.0 LEVEL=73, VERSION=2.1
2.2.0 LEVEL=73, VERSION=2.2
2.3.3 LEVEL=73, VERSION=2.3
2.4.2 LEVEL=73, VERSION=2.4

The device may have 4 to 6 terminals with the netlist format is shown below.

Mxxx drain gate source bulk [ substrate [ temperature ]]
modelname instance_parameters

With 4 terminals connected, substrate effect must be disabled by setting parameter COSUBNODE=0. If the parameter COSELFHEAT is set to 1, self heating will be modelled using an internal temperature node labelled temp. The internal node can be probed using the name REF#temp. For example, if the device has the reference M23, the internal temperature node may be accessed using the name M23#temp. To access internal nodes the KeepInternal option setting must be set. See Option Settings

With 5 terminals connected the behaviour of the model is slightly different between versions. With version 2.1 and greater, the 5th terminal may be configured to be either the substrate node or the temperature node. If parameter COSUBNODE=1, the substrate node will be enabled and if self-heating is active, the temperature node will be internal as described for four terminals above. If parameter COSUBNODE=0, the 5th terminal becomes the temperature node and substrate effect will be inactive.

With 5 terminals connected for version 1.2.1, the fifth terminal is only active if COSUBNODE=1. If parameter COSUBNODE=0 this connection is simply connected to ground through a zero-volt voltage source. In both cases the temperature node is internal.

With all 6 terminals connected the parameter COSUBNODE must be set to 1.

Note that if the temperature node is used (5 or 6 terminals) the vecror name REF#temp will return the 'current' (i.e. the thermal power flow) into the temperature pin.

This model may be binned on length and width in a similar manner to the BSIM3 model. See Model Binning.