Digital Pulse

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Netlist entry

Axxxx out model_name : parameters

Connection details

Name Description Flow Type
out Output out d

Instance parameters

Name Description Type
period Pulse period real
delay Delay real
duty Duty cycle real
width Pulse width real
open_out Open emitter output boolean

Model format

.MODEL model_name d_pulse parameters

Model parameters

Name Description Type Default Limits
duty Duty cycle real 0.5 1e-06 - 0.999999
delay Initial delay real 0 ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
period Period. If zero, a single pulse will be output real ???MATH???1\mu???MATH???S 1e-12 ???MATH???- \infty???MATH???
width Pulse width (overrides duty if specified) real period * duty ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
open_out Open emitter output boolean FALSE none
out_family Output logic family string UNIV none
out_res Digital output resistance real 100 ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
out_res_pos Digital output res. pos. slope real out_res ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
out_res_neg Digital output res. neg. slope out_res ???MATH???0 - \infty???MATH???
min_sink Minimum sink current real -0.001 none
max_source Maximum source current real 0.001 none

Device Operation

This device supplies a repetitive or single pulse of defined period, delay and width. Optionally, the device may be specified to have an open emitter output allowing several pulse sources to be wire OR'ed to create complex pulses. All 5 main .MODEL parameters may also be specified on the device line as instance parameters in which case they override any values specified in the .MODEL statement.

If OPEN_OUT is specified and true, a pull down resistor must be connected to the output.