ASM HEMT Gallium Nitride FET Model

The "Advanced Spice Model High Electron Mobility Transistor" model is available with Pro and Elite versions. The model was developed for the emerging Gallium Nitride technology that is increasingly used for high-voltage high-frequency power applications. The current version implemented in SIMetrix is 101.0.0.

The ASM HEMT model was developed by Sourabh Khandelwal and others currently at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Documentation for the model may be found at the SIMetrix web site. See Further Documentation

In this topic:

Netlist Entry

Uxxx drain gate source bulk temperature modelname instance_parameters
modelname Model name
instance_parameters Instance parameters

Model Syntax

.MODEL modelname ASMHEMT model_parameters
modelname Model name (as referenced in netlist line)
model_parameters Model parameters


The device may have 4 or 5 terminals with the netlist format as shown above.

Self heating will be modelled if the parameter SHMOD is non-zero and RTH0 is greater than zero. If the temperature node is present it can be used to add a thermal network. If omitted, an internal temperature node labelled dt will be used to implement self-heating effects. This node can be probed using the name REF#dt. For example, if the device has the reference U23, the internal temperature node may be accessed using the name U23#dt. To access internal nodes the KeepInternal option setting must be set. See Option Settings