From the examples folder locate the file load_response.sxopt. Typically this will be located at Documents/SIMetrix/Examples-version/SIMPLIS/Optimiser/Load-response/load_response.sxopt. You can drag and drop the file into the SIMetrix environment or open it using menu File > Open... then select Optimiser Files (*.sxopt) in the file selection drop down box then navigate to load_response.sxopt. You should see the Optimiser GUI open with the following setup:

Running SIMPLIS Example

Open the associated schematic by clicking on the Open button in the top right. It isn't essential for the schematic to be open when running the optimiser but if is open, the optimiser will use the state of the schematic as displayed even if it hasn't been saved. The schematic is shown below:

The circuit is a simple boost converter. The optimiser has been setup modify the compensation network to minimise the transient response to a load change while retaining the gain and phase margins within reasonable limits.

To run the optimiser, highlight the optimiser GUI then click on the Play button:

For SIMPLIS simulations, a progress box shows while optimisation is in progress as shown below:

The optimiser can be stopped by clicking on the Abort button. As in SIMetrix mode, progress messages are shown in the Command shell.

Results when we ran the optimisation were as follows:

Iteration Phase_margin Gain_Margin Load_Response
First 20.4851 32.8266 387.922m
Best 31.9164 20.2185 212.869m