Subcircuit Instance

Netlist Entry

Xxxxx n1 n2 n3 ... subcircuit_name [pinnames: pin1 pin2 pin3 ...] [[params:]
[M=m] expression1 expression2 ....]
n1, n2 etc. Subcircuit nodes
pin1, pin2 etc. If the pinnames: keyword is included the names following it will be used to name subcircuit current vectors generated by the simulator.
subcircuit_name Subcircuit name referred to in subcircuit definition (i.e. with .SUBCKT statement)
m Multiplier. If present, the subcircuit will be multiplied by m as if there were m devices in parallel. m may be an expression in which case it must be enclosed by curly braces: '{', '}'.

Note that the multiplication is performed by scaling the internal devices not by actually replicating the subcircuit. Non integral values of m are thus permitted. Some types of device can not currently be scaled and subcircuits containing them will not support M. An error will displayed in this case.

M will be interpreted as a regular parameter and will not scale the subcircuit instance if M is declared as a parameter in the .SUBCKT line or the following option setting is included in the netlist: .OPTIONS DisableSubcktMultiplier
expression1 etc. Parameter expressions. See Using Expressions.
See Subcircuits for more information.