Lossy Transmission Line

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SPICE3 LTRA Lossy Transmission Line

The built-in lossy transmission line model is now obsolete and should not be used in new designs. It has been superseded by the subcircuit-based RLGC model. See below.

Subcircuit-based RLGC Model

A subcircuit-based lossy transmission line model is also provided in the model library and accessible in the schematic editor from the menu system. The sub-circuit model uses the Laplace Transfer Function Convolution Implementation device as its base. The sub-circuit model is faster, more accurate and also supports both shunt and series losses. The subcircuit model may be entered using

Xxxx p1 n1 p2 n2 LOSSY_LINE params:
+ C=cap-per-unit-length
+ L=ind-per-unit-length
+ G=shunt-conductance-per-unit-length
+ R=series-r-per-unit-length LENGTH=length