Bipolar Junction Transistor ( VBIC without self heating)

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Netlist Entry

Qxxxx collector base emitter [substrate] modelname [M=multiplier] [AREA|SCALE=area]
collector Collector node name
base Base node name
emitter Emitter node name
substrate Substrate node name
modelname Name of model. Must begin with a letter but can contain any character except whitespace and '.'.
multiplier Device scale. Has an identical effect as putting multiplier devices in parallel.
area Scales certain model parameters as described in the parameter table under Area column. A ???MATH???\times???MATH??? entry means the parameter is multiplied by the area while a ???MATH???\div???MATH??? means the parameter is divided by the area.

Model Syntax

.MODEL modelname NPN|PNP LEVEL=4 parameters

Model Parameters

Name Description Units Default Area
TNOM/TREF Nominal ambient temperature Celsius 27
RCX Extrinsic collector resistance Ohms 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
RCI Intrinsic collector resistance Ohms 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
VO Epi drift saturation voltage 0.0
GAMM Epi doping parameter 0.0
HRCF High-current RC factor 1.0
RBX Extrinsic base resistance 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
RBI Intrinsic base resistance 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
RE Emitter resistance 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
RS Substrate resistance 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
RBP Parasitic base resistance 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
IS Transport saturation current 1.0E-16 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
NF Forward emission coefficient 1.0
NR Reverse emission coefficient 1.0
FC Forward bias junction capacitance threshold 0.9
CBEO/CBE0 Base-emitter small signal capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
CJE Base-emitter zero-bias junction capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
PE Base-emitter grading coefficient 0.75
ME Base-emitter junction exponent 0.33
AJE Base-emitter capacitance smoothing factor -0.5
CBCO/CBC0 Extrinsic base-collector overlap capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
CJC Base-collector zero-bias capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
QCO/QC0 Collector charge at zero bias 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
CJEP Base-emitter extrinsic zero-bias capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
PC Base-collector grading coefficient 0.75
MC Base-collector junction exponent 0.33
AJC Base-collector capacitance smoothing factor -0.5
CJCP Base-collector zero-bias extrinsic capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
PS Collector-substrate grading coefficient 0.75
MS Collector-substrate junction exponent 0.33
AJS Collector-substrate capacitance smoothing factor -0.5
IBEI Ideal base-emitter saturation current 1E-18 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
WBE Portion of IBEI from Vbei, (1-WBE) from Vbex 1.0
NEI Ideal base-emitter emission coefficient 1.0
IBEN Non-ideal base-emitter saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
NEN Non-ideal base-emitter emission coefficient 2.0
IBCI Ideal base-collector saturation current 1.0E-16 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
NCI Ideal base-collector emission coefficient 1.0
IBCN Non-ideal base-collector saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
NCN Non-ideal base- collector emission coefficient 2.0
AVC1 Base-collector weak avalanche parameter 1 0.0
AVC2 Base-collector weak avalanche parameter 2 0.0
ISP Parasitic transport saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
WSP Portion of Iccp from Vbep, (1-WSP) from Vbci 1.0
NFP Parasitic forward emission coefficient 1.0
IBEIP Ideal parasitic base-emitter saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
IBENP Non-ideal parasitic base-emitter saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
IBCIP Ideal parasitic base-collector saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
NCIP Ideal parasitic base-collector emission coefficient 1.0
IBCNP Non-ideal parasitic base-collector saturation current 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
NCNP Non-ideal parasitic base-collector emission coefficient 2.0
VEF Forward Early voltage (0=infinity) 0.0
VER Reverse Early voltage (0=infinity) 0.0
IKF Forward knee current, (0=inifinity) 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
IKR Reverse knee current, (0=infinity) 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
IKP Parasitic knee current (0=infinity) 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???
TF Forward transit time 0.0
QTF Variation of TF with base width modulation 0.0
XTF Coefficient of TF bias dependence 0.0
VTF Coefficient of TF dependence on Vbc 0.0
ITF Coefficient of TF dependence of Icc 0.0
TR Ideal reverse transit time 0.0
TD Forward excess phase delay time 0.0
KFN Flicker noise coefficient 0.0
AFN Flicker noise exponent 1.0
BFN Flicker noise frequency exponent 1.0
XRE Temperature exponent of emitter resistance 0.0
XRB Temperature exponent of base resistance 0.0
XRC Temperature exponent of collector resistance 0.0
XRS Temperature exponent of substrate resistance 0.0
XV0/XV0 Temperature exponent of Vo 0.0
EA Activation energy for IS 1.12
EAIE Activation energy for IBEI 1.12
EAIC Activation energy for IBCI/IBEIP 1.12
EAIS Activation energy for IBCIP 1.12
EANE Activation energy for IBEN 1.12
EANC Activation energy for IBCN/IBENP 1.12
EANS Activation energy for IBCNP 1.12
XIS Temperature exponent of Is 3.0
XII Temperature exponent of IBEI/IBCI/IBEIP/IBCIP 3.0
XIN Temperature exponent of IBEN/IBCN/IBENP/IBCNP 3.0
TNF Temperature coefficient of NF 0.0
TAVC Temperature coefficient of AVC 0.0


The VBIC model is only available with Elite versions.

The Vertical Bipolar Inter-Company (VBIC) model is an advanced bipolar junction transistor model. This is the 4-terminal non-thermal version. There is also a version that supports self-heating effects and has 5 terminals, see Bipolar Junction Transistor (VBIC with self heating).

For more information about VBIC, please refer to this link:

VBIC Reference