Model Binning

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Some devices can be binned. This means that a number of different model definitions can be provided for the same device with each being valid over a limited range of some device parameter or parameters. The simulator will automatically select the appropriate model according to the value given for the device parameters.

Currently only BSIM3, BSIM4 and HiSIM HV MOSFETs may be binned. The binning is controlled by the length and width device parameters (L and W) while the LMIN, LMAX, WMIN and WMAX model parameters specify the valid range for each model.

Important Note

The binned models should be placed directly in the netlist or called using either .INC or the Hspice® form of .LIB. They will not work correctly when installed as a model library or accessed with the SIMetrix form of .LIB.

Defining Binned Models

Binned models are defined as a set consisting of two or more .MODEL definitions. Each of the definitions must be named using the following format:
root_name Name used by the device to call the model. Must be the same for all model definitions in a set
id Arbitrary name that must be unique for each model in a set. This would usually be a number but this is not a requirement
Each model definition must also contain a MIN/MAX parameter pair for each bin control parameter. For the BSIM3 MOSFET there are two bin control parameters, namely L and W with corresponding MIN/MAX pairs LMIN/LMAX and WMIN/WMAX. For a binned BSIM3 model, all four must be present. These parameters define the range of L and W over which the model is valid. When a model is required, the simulator searches all models with the same root_name for a definition whose LMIN/LMAX and WMIN/WMAX parameters are compatible with the device's L and W.


.MODEL N1.1 NMOS LEVEL=49 ... parameters ...
+ LMIN=1u LMAX=4u WMIN=1u WMAX=4u

.MODEL N1.2 NMOS LEVEL=49 ... parameters ...
+ LMIN=4u LMAX=10u WMIN=1u WMAX=4u

.MODEL N1.3 NMOS LEVEL=49 ... parameters ...
+ LMIN=1u LMAX=4u WMIN=4u WMAX=10u

.MODEL N1.4 NMOS LEVEL=49 ... parameters ...
+ LMIN=4u LMAX=10u WMIN=4u WMAX=10u

** This device will use N1.1
M1 1 2 3 4 N1 L=2u W=2u

** This device will use N1.2
M2 1 2 3 4 N1 L=6u W=2u

** This device will use N1.3
M3 1 2 3 4 L=2u W=7u

** This device will use N1.4
M4 1 2 3 4 L=6u W=7u