Bipolar Junction Transistor (HICUM)

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Netlist Entry

Qxxxx collector base emitter [substrate] modelname
collector Collector node
base Base node
emitter Emitter node
substrate Substrate node
modelname Model name as used with .MODEL statement

NPN Model Syntax

.MODEL modelname NPN LEVEL=8 parameters


.MODEL modelname HICUM_211 PNP=0 parameters

PNP Model Syntax

.MODEL modelname PNP LEVEL=8 parameters


.MODEL modelname HICUM_211 PNP=1 parameters


The model provided is "Level 2 version 2.11".

The model was implemented from Verilog-A code. It has received only minor changes from the original supplied by the developers. These changes are to implement PNP devices and to overcome a problem in the original model whereby it is possible for it to converge to an erroneous state.

The SIMetrix implementation of this model has been tested using the benchmark results provided by the developers. The majority of the tests showed a match of better than 0.1%. A few were over 1% with one deviating by 7%. These were investigated and it was found that the reference data was in error probably because of insufficient convergence tolerance.