ev Function

Special function used to evaluate a sequence of expressions without requiring multiple Let statements. Useful for schematic TEMPLATEs and similar.

This function may be supplied with up to 8 arguments. All arguments except the last is ignored by the function.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 any type Yes vector
2 any type No vector
3 ... Up to 8 arguments in total No


Return type: real/complex array

The function returns the value of the last argument supplied


The purpose of this function is to allow the evaluation of intermediate variables withing a single expression. This is useful when the expression is in a schematic or graph template, for example, where there is only the facility available to enter a single expression. For example:
returns 9. The first argument is evaluated and assigns 3 to x. The second argument is then evaluated using the value of x assigned in argument 1. In a script, it would be more conventional to use the 'Let' command to assign x. But if the expression was used in a template property, there is no facility to execute commands, so this would not be possible.