Examples are provided in this chapter to help the user get familiar with the syntax of the input file of SIMPLIS and understand various features of SIMPLIS-TX. Examples from using SIMPLIS-POP and SIMPLIS-FX are given in Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 respectively. The system studied in these examples represent a variety of systems encountered in power electronics. Each example is intentionally restricted to be small to make the illustration concise. For the same reason, the device models in this example have been kept simple but functionally adequate. These simple device models serve as the basic building blocks from which more complex models can be formulated.

All the examples in this chapter are installed as "ready to run" SIMetrix schematics under the directory root\Work\Examples\SIMPLIS\Manual_Examples. The input files shown in this chapter are in fact the simulation decks as created by SIMetrix but with plotting statements removed.