There are about 600 functions and 300 commands available but only a few are covered in this chapter. Details of all available functions and commands can be found in Script Reference Manual/Function Reference and Script Reference Manual/Command Reference.

In this topic:


Symbols Used

Square brackets: [ ] These signify a command line parameter or switch which is optional.
Pipe symbol: | This signifies either/or.
Ellipsis: ... This signifies 1 or more optional multiple entries.


Anything that would be typed in is displayed in a fixed width font.

Command line parameters are in italics.


Although upper and lower cases are used for the command names, they are NOT in fact case sensitive.


OpenGroup [ /text ] [ filename ]
Both /text (a switch) and filename (a parameter) are optional in the above example.

So the following are all legitimate:

OpenGroup /text
OpenGroup run23.sxdat
OpenGroup /text output.txt

DelCrv curve_number...

One or more curve_number parameters may be given.

So the following are all legitimate:
DelCrv 1 2 3
DelCrv 1