The BSIM-CMG model is available with the Elite versions of SIMetrix

The BSIM-CMG MOSFET model is designed for sub 20nm integrated circuit geometries using FinFET technology. The BSIM-CMG model was developed by The BSIM Group, located in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) at the University of California, Berkeley.

Documentation for the model may be found at the SIMetrix web site. See Further Documentation

In this topic:

Netlist Entry

Mxxx drain gate source bulk  [temperature] modelname instance_parameters

NMOS Model Syntax

.model modelname NMOS ( LEVEL=72 VERSION=111 parameters )

PMOS Model Syntax

.model modelname PMOS ( LEVEL=72 VERSION=111 parameters )


One version of the model is currently available. This is version 111.0. This may be accessed using parameters LEVEL=72 and VERSION=111.0

The device may have 4 or 5 terminals with the netlist format as shown above.

Self heating will be modelled if the parameter SHMOD is non-zero and RTH0 is greater than zero. If the temperature node is present it can be used to add a thermal network. If omitted, an internal temperature node labelled t will be used to implement self-heating effects. This node can be probed using the name REF#t. For example, if the device has the reference M23, the internal temperature node may be accessed using the name M23#t. To access internal nodes the KeepInternal option setting must be set. See Option Settings

This model may be binned on length and number of fins (NFIN). See Model Binning for details about binning. Bining model parameters are LMIN, LMAX, NFINMIN and NFINMAX.