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The BSIM4 model is only available with the Elite versions of SIMetrix.

BSIM4 models are accessed using LEVEL=14.

Versions 4.21, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.60, 4.61, 4.62, 4.63, 4.64, 4.65, 4.70 and 4.80 are currently supported. To set the version to be used, use the VERSION parameter as defined in the following table:

VERSION parameter Use BSIM4 version
4.0 4.21
4.1 4.21
4.2 4.21
4.21 4.21
4.3 4.3
4.4 4.4
4.5 4.5
4.6 4.6
4.61 4.61
4.62 4.62
4.63 4.63
4.64 4.64
4.65 4.65
4.70 4.70
4.80 4.80
Omitted 4.80
Other See notes
Note that a second decimal point will be ignored so 4.2.1 is the same as 4.21. If the version parameter is set to a value not listed above, SIMetrix will raise an error condition. This can be overridden by setting .OPTIONS AnyVersion.

The implementation is standard Berkeley but with the addition of the 'M' instance parameter which specifies the number of equivalent parallel devices.

Further Documentation

Original Berkeley documentation is provided at our web site. Please visit Further Documentation for details. Note the document covers version 4.70 of the model. Earlier versions are available from the BSIM3/4 web site at BSIM Reference.

Process Binning

BSIM4 devices may be binned according to length and width. Refer to Model Binning for details. Note the multi-fingered devices are binned according to width per finger.

Mapping to Level 54 for Hspice

Hspice uses Level 54 to define BSIM4 MOSFETs whereas the SIMetrix level is 14. The HSPICEMODELS option setting may be used to change this:

This setting also has the same effect:

See .OPTIONS for more details