Inductor (Ideal)

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Netlist Entry

Lxxxx n1 n2 value [IC=init_cond] [BRANCH=0|1]
n1 Node 1
n2 Node 2
value Value in henries
init_cond Initial current in inductor. Only effective if UIC option is specified on .TRAN statement.
BRANCH set to 0 or 1. 1 is default value. This parameter determines the internal formulation of the inductor and affects how the IC parameter is implemented. When BRANCH=1, the inductor looks like a short circuit during DC operating point and the IC parameter has no effect unless UIC is specified for a transient analysis. If BRANCH=0, the inductor looks like a current source during dc operating point with a magnitude equal to the value of the IC parameter. BRANCH=0 makes it possible to specify circuit startup conditions.

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