Diode - Perfect

The Perfect Diode has zero off-state current and zero on-state resistance. Its forward voltage drop defaults to zero but can be set to any value through a model parameter

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Netlist Entry

The device must have 2 terminals with the netlist format as shown below.
Uxxx anode cathode modelname

Perfect Diode Model Syntax

.model modelname perfect_diode ( parameters )

Perfect Diode Model Parameters

Name Description Units Default
VFWD Forward voltage drop V 0.0
TIMETOL Switching time tolerance s 1p

Basic Equations

  • ???MATH???V_{d} <= VFWD : I_{d}=0???MATH???
  • ???MATH???I_{d} > 0.0 : V_{d}=VFWD???MATH???


???MATH???V_{d}???MATH??? is the voltage across the diode.

???MATH???I_{d}???MATH??? is the current through the diode.


Although the device has perfect behaviour, it is sometimes necessary to introduce imperfections in order to allow convergence. If convergence problems are encountered, adding some shunt resistance, shunt capacitance or series resistance can help.