Bipolar Junction Transistor (VBIC with self heating)

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Netlist Entry

Qxxxx collector base emitter substrate thermal_node modelname
[M=multiplier] [AREA|SCALE=area]
collector Collector node name
base Base node name
emitter Emitter node name
substrate Substrate node name
thermal_node See notes
modelname Name of model. Must begin with a letter but can contain any character except whitespace and '.' .
multiplier Device scale. Has an identical effect as putting multiplier devices in parallel.
area Scales certain model parameters as described in the parameter table under Area column. A ???MATH???\infty???MATH??? entry means the parameter is multiplied by the area while a means the parameter is divided by the area.

Model Syntax

.MODEL modelname NPN|PNP LEVEL=1004 parameters

Model Parameters

Model parameters are identical to the non-thermal version except for the addition of the following:

Name Description Units Default Area
RTH Thermal resistance 0.0 ???MATH???\div???MATH???
CTH Thermal capacitance 0.0 ???MATH???\times???MATH???


The VBIC model is only available with Elite versions.

This model is the same as the VBIC non-thermal model except for the addition of self-heating effects. Use the non-thermal version if you do not need self-heating as its implementation is simpler and will run faster.

The thermal_node may be used to connect external thermal networks to model thermal flow. Power in watts is represented by current and temperature rise in Kelvin is represented by the voltage. Note that the voltage is temperature rise above the simulation temperature, not an absolute value.