.PRINT TRAN|AC|DC|NOISE|TF vector|{expression} ...

Instructs the simulator to output selected simulation data to the list file in tabulated form.


vector Name of vector to print. May be in SIMetrix native format or traditional SPICE format (see notes below).
expression Arithmetic expression of vectors

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A traditional SPICE2 command, this was not supported by SIMetrix until release 4.0. It is SPICE2 compatible but also supports some additional features:

  • NOISE and TF results may be output as well as TRAN, AC and DC
  • You can put expressions as well as single values enclosed in '{' and '}'. E.g.
    .PRINT TRAN {vout-q5_c}
You can use the SPICE2 style method of accessing single voltages, differential voltages and device currents. These are of the form:

Single ended voltage


Differential voltage

funcname(nodename, nodename)

Device current



funcname Function to be applied. For available list, see below.
nodename Node name as specified in the netlist.
device_name Name of device for current.
Available functions:
Function name Argument Analysis mode Meaning
V node name Transient Voltage at node
V node name AC Voltage magnitude at node
VM node name AC Voltage magnitude at node
VP node name AC Voltage phase at node
VR node name AC Real voltage at node
VDB node name AC dbV at node
VG node name AC group delay at node
I two term. device name TRAN Current in device
IB BJT name TRAN Base current
IB MOSFET name TRAN Bulk current
IC BJT name TRAN Collector current
ID MOSFET/JFET name TRAN Drain current
IE BJT name TRAN Emitter current
IG MOSFET/JFET name TRAN Gate current
IS MOSFET/JFET name TRAN Source current
IS BJT name TRAN Substrate current
IM Two term device AC Device current
IP Two term device AC Current phase
IR Two term device AC Current real part
II Two term device AC Current imaginary part
IDB Two term device AC Current dB
IG Two term device AC Current group delay
.PRINT statements may be placed inside a subcircuit definition in which case the device and node names refer to local devices and nodes. Output will be listed for every instance of the subcircuit.

For transient analysis the results are displayed at the interval specified by the time step parameter on the .TRAN statement. If this is zero or omitted, it defaults to (tstop-tstart)/50. The data is created by interpolation unless the NORAW option (see .OPTIONS) is specified in which case a time step is forced at the time step interval.