Voltage Controlled Voltage Source

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Netlist Entry

Exxxx nout+ nout- vc+ vc- gain
nout+ Positive output node
nout- Negative output node
vc+ Positive control node
vc- Negative control node
gain Output voltage/Input voltage

SPICE2 polynomial sources are also supported in order to maintain compatibility with commercially available libraries for ICs. (Most opamp models for example use several polynomial sources). In general, however the arbitrary source is more flexible and easier to use.

The netlist format for a polynomial source is:

Exxxx nout+ nout- POLY( num_inputs ) vc1+ vc1- vc2+ vc2-
... polynomial_specification
vc1+ etc. Controlling nodes
num_inputs Number of controlling node pairs for source.
polynomial_specification See Polynomial Specification

PSpice Syntax

SIMetrix accepts PSpice syntax for arbitrary sources using VALUE, TABLE, Q and F operators. See PSpice and Hspice Syntax for more details.

SIMetrix also accepts the PSpice LAPLACE and FREQ operators. See PSpice LAPLACE and FREQ compatibility