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.ALIAS alias_name device_name device_type

This statement may only be used in device model library files. It is not recognised by the simulator. It permits a device model or subcircuit to be referenced by a different name. This allows one model definition to be used for multiple part numbers.

alias_name Alias name
device_name Device to which alias refers
device_type Type of device to which alias refers. Must be one of the following C, D, LTRA, NJF, NMF, NMOS, NPN, PJF, PMF, PMOS, PNP, R, SW or SUBCKT. see .MODEL for more details.


+     IS=7.59E-15 VAF=19.3 BF=500 IKF=0.0710 NE=1.3808
+     ISE=7.477E-15 IKR=0.03 ISC=2.00E-13 NC=1.2 NR=1 BR=5
+     RC=0.75 CJC=6.33E-12 FC=0.5 MJC=0.33 VJC=0.65
+     CJE=1.25E-11 MJE=0.55 VJE=0.65 TF=4.12E-10 ITF=0.4 VTF=3
+     XTF=12.5 RB=172 IRB=0.000034 RBM=65


The above would provide identical definitions for both BC547C and BC549C bipolar transistors.

Notes .ALIAS definitions will recognise models defined in other files provided the file in which the alias resides and the file in which the model definition resides are part of the same library specification. A library specification is a single pathname possibly with a wildcard ('?' or '*') to refer to multiple files. E.g. /simetrix/models/*.mod is a library specification and refers to all files with the extension '.mod' in the directory /simetrix/models.
Aliases must refer directly to a model or subcircuit definition and not to other aliases.