Handout A: Useful Keyboard Shortcut Keys

A number of keyboard shortcuts exist which will help you with the training course. The shortcut keys, their scope and functions are defined as follows:

Useful Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Scope Menu Item Function
Ctrl+E Schematic Hierarchy > Descend Into Descends into the selected Schematic Component
Ctrl+U Schematic Hierarchy > Ascend Ascends to the parent schematic from a Schematic Component
H Schematic Hierarchy > Place Module Port Places a module port on a Schematic Component
Home Schematic/Waveform Viewer View > Zoom to Fit Zooms a schematic or graph to fit the screen
Shift+F12 Schematic/Waveform Viewer View > Zoom In Zooms in on a schematic or graph
F12 Schematic/Waveform Viewer View > Zoom Out Zooms out on a schematic or graph
5 Schematic Schematic context: Edit/Add Properties... Edits symbol properties
C Waveform Viewer Cursors > Toggle On/Off Toggles the cursor status
9 Schematic Edit > Highlight by Net... Highlight net
0 Schematic Edit > Unhighlight (All Open Sheets) Unhighlights all open sheets
S Schematic Hierarchy > Open/Create Symbol for Schematic... Opens the symbol for the current sxcmp file
Shift+S Schematic Schematic context: Edit Symbol Edits the selected symbol
P Symbol Property/Pin > Edit Properties... Edits the Symbol Properties
Ctrl+S All File > Save Schematic Saves the current schematic/symbol/graph
Delete Graph Edit > Delete Deletes selected curves
Ctrl+O Schematic File > Open... Opens a schematic
Ctrl+Space Schematic Simulator > Show SIMPLIS Status Window Shows the SIMPLIS Status Window
F8 Schematic Simulator > Choose Analysis... Opens the Choose Analysis Dialog
Ctrl+P Schematic Probe > More Probe Functions... Opens advanced random probing menu