Debugging a Slow Simulation


Thu, June 29th, 2017 from 1:00 - 2:00PM EDT

This one hour webinar focuses on identifying the circuit elements which cause a SIMPLIS simulation to run slowly. The webinar will begin with a description of circuit elements which cause SIMPLIS to run slowly. Example circuits with small RC and L/R time constants will be presented and examined, with the simulation speed correlated to the smallest time constant. 

The main portion of the webinar will focus on using the SIMPLIS Debug Report Generator to identify the root cause of the slow simulation.


Part I: What causes SIMPLIS simulations to slow down?

  • Number of L's and C's
  • Number of PWL topologies
  • Simulation step size (smallest time constant) for each PWL topology
    • RC time constants
    • L/R time constants

Part II: How do you debug and fix a slow simulation?

  • Prevention is ALWAYS the best cure
  • Reduce # of L's and C's
  • Reduce # of PWL topologies
  • Plotting minimum time constants
  • RC time constants -- Solution: realistic R
  • L/R time constants -- Solution: shunt R
  • Debug slow simulations with Debug Report