Example: Line and Load Regulation

Using the full nonlinear switching time domain model of a switching power supply to measure line and load regulation is well beyond the capability of most simulators. Yet, many design requirements can only be measured when the power supply is in steady-state operation.

Download this example circuit

By averaging the output voltage and output current waveforms over three steady-state conversion cycles for each different line and load condition, SIMPLIS can quickly gather all the information required to measure line and load regulation.

One of the most frequently asked questions from new customers is "How does SIMPLIS differ from Spice?" This example dramatically illustrates one of the distinguishing features of SIMPLIS -- the ability to very rapidly find the steady-state operating point of a periodic switching system. Without requiring a very long transient simulation of a circuit, SIMPLIS is able to find the steady-state limit cycle of circuits like DC-DC Converters. In this example, on a 2GHz laptop with 2G of RAM, SIMPLIS finds the steady-state operating point of a DC-DC converter in 5 seconds of CPU time and calculates requested waveforms for three steady-state conversion cycles in an additional 1 second of CPU time.